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Tyga Sounds Thankful In “Lift Me Up”

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Lift Me Up


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Tyga needs to be careful with mixing devilish lyrics with church vibes (GOD might mess around and make thunder hit the strip club that he frequents the most).

Tyga has been in the news for reasons that aren’t quite flattering. His ex-girlfriend accused him of abusing her a few weeks ago. After watching the disgusting Zac Stacy video that was circulating around social media yesterday, I think it’s clear that we should have a stronger reaction to these kinds of allegations. Well, I truly hope that situation works itself out. In the meantime, Tyga decided to release “Lift Me Up,” a track that seems to indicate that he’s found GOD and booty.



“Lift Me Up” is a mix between “Taste” by Tyga and “Stomp” by Kirk Franklin. The song boasts a club-inspired beat and reckless/sexualized lyrics, but also some powerful singing by a choir that I’m sure Tyga convinced that he was a born-again Christian. I think the song is fire, but don’t be surprised if people in the Christian community think that it is blasphemous (That group tends to complain a lot). 

Tyga needs to pay his marketing team extra money. “Lift Me Up” will do wonders for his reputation.

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