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folxzb Shares His Complicated Love Story In “Just Like Me”

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Just Like Me


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“Just Like Me” is off folxzb’s upcoming EP, “Moments After.”

They say that when you are with someone for a long time, you start to look like them (I mean, Jay-Z is starting to look like Beyoncé, right?). Sometimes, when you are with someone for a long time, you start to think alike, too. In “Just like Me,” folxzb talks about going toe to toe with his wannabe clone.

Below is how folxzb explained “Just Like Me” to the world:

Once I heard the beat, I instantly knew what I wanted to say. “You’re just like me. You do everything that I do. You’re playing the same games. I’m just better at it” not exactly like that but something to that effect.

While the juicy/confrontational lyrics attached to “Just Like Me” is clearly the best thing about the song, don’t sleep on folxzb’s breathtaking vocal performance and contagious melodies. Honestly, I can see Drake trying to make a track like this; I just don’t think that he can sing as well as folxzb can.

Listen to “Just Like Me” below.

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