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42 Dugg Releases New Single “Can’t Complain” On His BDay

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Can’t Complain

42 Dugg & Reaper

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Contrary to popular belief, 42 Dugg DID NOT turn 43 years old today (OK, I’ll stop with the corny-ass jokes).

42 Dugg is a lucky-ass dude. This year, his birthday fell on Thanksgiving; that means he can eat as many turkey legs and cupcakes as he wants. This morning, the Detroit rapper decided to release “Can’t Complain,” a brand new track that will go well with some gravy.



“Can’t Complain” features a Lil Baby-Esque trap beat (aka one of those action-packed trap beats that will make you want to engage in a shootout with James Bond). Over it, both 42 Dugg and featured guest Reaper rely on gritty rap deliveries and consistent flows to talk about their heartbreak, money-making, and reckless ways. I think fans of Dugg will definitely like this joint.

Hey, at least someone from Detroit is winning on Thanksgiving (We damn sure know that the Lions aren’t).

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