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Blueface & Blxst Join Forces For “Chose Me”

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Chose Me

Blueface & Blxst

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Blxst brings out the mack in Blueface (Actually, everything brings out the mack in Blueface).

I feel like Blueface works better as a reality star as opposed to a rapper. He has a pretty cool personality, just not raps that blow me away. This weekend, Blueface decided to release “Chose Me,” a song that features sly raps from him and a hella infectious hook by Blxst.



Blueface doesn’t sound like he’s trying a single bit in “Chose Me.” In the song, he uses simple flows and unenthusiastic deliveries to let the world know that he has more girls than a club that charges dudes $30 at the door. The good news is this: The hook that Blxst drops is fantastic and the production is upbeat.

Listen to “Chose Me” by Blueface and Blxst below.

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