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Great White Buffalo (Album)

Darko the Super

You get mighty raps from Darko in this album.

Darko The Super is a Philadelphia-based rapper who I think has a good ear for music. In his songs, he likes to combine a bunch of different elements. In his latest album, Great White Buffalo, Darko pays homage to legendary singer Dean Friedman by reworking some of his classic songs. One of the standouts from the project is the title track, “Great White Buffalo.”

If you enjoy action-packed intros, soulful hip-hop instrumentals with kick-ass rap deliveries, you are going to want to have “Great White Buffalo” in your back pocket. Additionally, the entire album features dynamic/tongue-twisting/sturdy flows, amazing wordplay, and competitive/motivational lyrics. As a major rap fan, I really enjoyed this record.

Give “Great White Buffalo” a shot below.





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