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Shootin Up The Club


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Police are about to misconstrue the hell out of this title.

Lowkey, T-Pain has had a very impressive comeback. In the last couple of months, he has dropped several tracks that I f**k with a lot. Today, the Tallahassee singer decided to release “Shootin’ Up The Club,” a track with a title that I beg you to please Google.



For all of the uncool people of the world, just to let you know, “Shootin’ Up The Club” means to have raw sex with someone. Since the song is about such a juicy subject, you get some pretty explicit lyrics out of T-Pain. You also get an instrumental and melodies that will make even the coldest girl take her clothes off. I definitely don’t need a track like this in my rotation, but I do respeck it.

Give “Shootin’ Up The Club” a shot below.

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