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Lil Tjay Drops The Powerful “Christmas In A Cell”

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Christmas In A Cell

Lil Tjay


Sitting in a cell during Christmas has to be one of the most demoralizing things that a human being can go through.

I truly believe that the game is Lil Tjay’s to take. Several artists co-sign him, his melodic raps are just as impactful as any other person’s melodic raps, and he appeals to the youth. With that being said, Tjay’s next move needs to be his best move. Today, the New York rapper decided to release “Christmas In A Cell,” a track that highlights all of his skills.



I’m not sure I would call “Christmas In A Cell” a holiday track. The song features a very emotional trap beat, lyrics that pay homage to all of the people that are doing time during the holidays, and a very passionate vocal performance. Personally, I think that the song is solid; I just wish Tjay sounded more awake on it (Somebody give this guy an 18oz cup full of coffee).

Lil Tjay is starting to sound southern, right (Maybe something is wrong with my ears)?

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