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Brent Faiyaz Drives Smoothly In “MERCEDES”

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Brent Faiyaz

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If this song was called BMW, I would’ve downloaded it instantly.

The world is ready for Brent Faiyaz’s to take; we’re just waiting for him to take it. What truly made me a fan of his was “Dead Man Walking” and “Rehab (Winter In Paris).” The good news is this: “MERCEDES” falls in line with those two songs.



I actually like it when it takes some time for me to understand the vibes of a Brent Faiyaz track; “MERCEDES” took me about three plays to fully understand. The song’s production switches up quite a bit, while Brent’s shifty melodies are difficult to decipher. The beautiful mess he creates perfectly describes the complicated subject matter that he tackles in the song (Brent warns his chick to get her act straight before he lets her go).

I can’t even imagine how Brent puts his songs together (I suspect that he is a broccoli taker).

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