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Lil Peep & Harry Fraud

The legend of Lil Peep lives on.

I’m someone who thinks that Lil Peep was a hella talented musician that never got a chance to fully bloom. The more and more I hear posthumous efforts by him, the more and more I am sad that he left us at such a young age. Today, a three-track EP by Peep that features production by Harry Fraud hit streaming services.



I absolutely love this EP. The instrumentals are amazing (Especially the instrumental attached to “Living Rooms”), the lyrics are entertainingly reckless, and the melodies are effortlessly infectious. While I do not think you should bump this project on a happy day (What the f**k is a happy day anyway?), I do think that it will work on a day that you are in your feels.

This is an ‘A’ project, guys.


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