Polo G bolsters his hall of fame case with “Hall Of Fame 2.0.”




Honorable Mention. With You

Vulnerability is the one thing that Polo is great at showing in his music. In “With You,” he opens up his heart for more than three minutes.

The rap performance that Polo puts up in “With You” is astute. I love his wordplay, his flows, and his deep lyrics. What might be even more impressive than Polo’s rapping is his singing performance in the song. I was very impressed with the intricate melody and soft touch he showed on the hook.



5. Suicide

Polo G and Lil Tjay literally started buzzing at the same time, and that is because they produced a track together called “Pop Out” that did some serious numbers. While “Suicide” is not as good as “Pop Out,” I still think that it is a pretty solid track.

Even though Polo G and Lil Tjay have gotten way more money since they first collaborated, they still come across as hungry muthasuckas that don’t play games. In “Suicide,” the two millionaires talk about going to war with anyone that thinks that they are sweeter than three-day-old candied yams. What’s interesting is that the song sounds calm as hell as both rappers spit easy-going bars over an instrumental that is very soothing.



4. Young N Dumb

Polo G perfectly describes his come-up in “Young N Dumb.”

I like murderous Polo G, but I like touching Polo even more. In “Young N Dumb,” you get touching Polo. In the song, the Chicago rapper hits us with melodic raps that will touch your soul and lyrics that will let you know how hard it is to make it out of where he came from. More than anything, this is the kind of track that separates Polo from others in his field.



3. Black Man In America

“Black Man In America” is probably the most important track on this deluxe project.

Polo G really asserts himself in “Black Man In America.” In the song, he makes it a mission to remind folks that he’s at the top of his game, that he has next, and that he doesn’t f**k with weak people. Though Polo sounds pretty aggressive in the song, he also sounds very focused, too.



2. Fortnight

Did anyone else close their eyes and hold their heart when they heard a guitar start this song off?

“Fortnight” is one of the tracks that you have to stop on while scouring through this project. It features a hard-hitting instrumental that boasts these rockstar vibes that are too compelling to ignore. As for Polo, he does a phenomenal job of blessing us with a rapping style that is dramatic and lyrics that every single person that gets it out of the mud can relate to. All in all, “Fortnight” is an automatic keeper from this project.



1. Don’t Play

I don’t care about the order, but Polo G and Lil Baby are probably 1 and 2 when it comes to the hottest rappers in the game right now. These days, the best like to work with each other, so I am not surprised that Polo and Baby decided to unite for “Don’t Play.”

“Don’t Play” is such a riveting track, I recommend that you listen to it while munching on some popcorn. For starters, the song features this action-packed beat that would probably turn Dwayne Johnson on. Over the beat, both Polo G and Lil Baby hit us with feverish flows and competitive lyrics. What I think is cool is that the two rappers don’t sound like they are trying to outdo each other; they sound like two dudes that want one another to eat.


1. Bad Man (3/5)

2. Don’t Play (4/5)

3. Start Up (3/5)

4. Heating Up (3/5)

5. Black Man In America (4/5)

6. Young N Dumb (4/5)

7. Unapologetic (3/5)

8. Fortnight (4/5)

9. Decisions (3/5)

10. With You (4/5)

11. Partin Ways (4/5)

12. Suicide (3/5)

13. Piano G (3/5)

14. Alright (4/5)




Polo G just feels like the golden child, doesn’t he? It almost seems like the people that are backing him are very cautious when it comes to the moves that he makes. While Polo made sure to showcase his versatility as an artist on the first Hall Of Fame disc, on the second disk, he sounds closer to his old self.

I definitely understand Polo G’s appeal. These days, I feel like people love rappers that can hit folks with both gritty and melodic raps; he does just that. In Hall Of Fame 2.0, Polo merges the two styles often and randomly.

While I f**k with the tracks in which Polo comes across as a lovable figure (Tracks like “With You,” “Piano G,” and more), I’m not going to lie, I absolutely love it when he either goes Rambo or shows off his cocky side in his music. With that being said, I like the first half of Hall Of Fame 2.0 a little more than the second half. The first half of the project sounds more unpredictable, authentic, and dynamic; the second half feels a little more predictable and repetitive. No matter the side you choose to indulge in, all you need to know is this: Polo covers deep topics such as his rough upbringing, his potential, and his unflappable mentality in all of the songs on the project.

I’ve started to put some serious expectations on Polo G…

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