Little Havana

Rick Ross, The-Dream & Willie Falcon

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Expect to hear “Little Havana” on Rick Ross’ upcoming album “Richer Than I’ve Ever Been.”

I’m not gonna lie, I cannot wait until Rick Ross releases Richer Than I’ve Ever Been. In my opinion, the Boss makes really good and timeless-sounding albums. Based on Ross’ latest single, “Little Havana,” it sounds like his new album will feature music that we’re used to hearing from him.


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Rick Ross talks his s**t in “Little Havana” from start to finish. Why wouldn’t he? The song starts off with an intro by former drug kingpin Willie Falcon. Anywho, in the song, Ross talks about his epic encounters, the people that he put on, and his ultra trill ways. As usual, the “Hustlin'” creator glides over the glorious instrumental that he is handed, proving that he is one of those rappers that has no issues with being consistent.

We gotta give Rick Ross his flowers, man.