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I Hate U


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“I Hate U” has finally dropped.

SZA is fine as f**k. When you’re fine, you can do whatever the hell that you want to do. With that being said, randomly, SZA added three tracks to her Soundcloud a few months ago: “Joni,” “Nightbird,” and “I Hate U.” Today, the latter officially hit streaming services.



SZA doesn’t care that Christmas is only 22 days away, she’s still going to be petty. In “I Hate You,” the TDE singer passionately sings about missing and despising an ex that she clearly still loves. Personally, what I like about the song is that it features this dingy instrumental that perfectly complements SZA’s beaming singing voice.

Thirsty dudes are probably wishing that SZA hated them (They might put it on their resume, actually… Prior experience: SZA once hated me).


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