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J.I. Gets Gully In “Murda”

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J.I. should’ve added Ja Rule to this track.

I was so high on J.I. last year, I had the munchies whenever I heard a track by him. While his buzz has fizzled a little, he hasn’t stopped dropping music. Today, the New York rapper decided to release “Murda,” a track in which he does a lot of threatening.



For those of you that think that J.I. and Lil Durk make similar music, you will feel vilified after hearing “Murda.” The track features gangsta-ass lyrics about pulling up on folks, soul-clenching melodies, and a beat that both knocks and has riveting vibes attached to it. Matter of fact, if Durk was on the song, I think it would be a major hit.

Give “Murda” a shot below.

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