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Kodak Black Talks Disloyalty In “Closure”

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Kodak Black

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“Closure” is easily Kodak Black’s best release this year.

Kodak Black is one of hip-hop’s biggest mysteries. When he is inspired, he is more than capable of putting together elite rap verses. When he’s bulls**ting, he’s more than capable of disappointing. In “Closure,” we get the best version of Kodak.



From the moment that the hard-hitting/emotional beat drops, you can tell that we will be getting inspired verses out of Kodak Black. Throughout “Closure,” the Pompano Beach rapper hits us with powerful bars that indicate that he’s been going through some turmoil in his camp. Since we all can relate to some s**t like that, the song will definitely resonate with you.

I wonder if Kodak Black is talking about Jackboy in this song…

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