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Listen To “No Church In A While” By Lecrae & 1K Phew

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No Church In A While (Album)

Lecrae & 1K Phew

LeCrae and 1K Phew join forces for “No Church In A While.”

Lecrae’s music is so refreshing. Not only do I love how pure his raps tend to sound, but I also love the topics that he covers in his songs. I’m not too fond of 1K Phew, but since he’s cool with Lecrae, I’m going to assume that he is a beast. In No Church In A While, a collaborative effort that features the two musicians, you get a bunch of bangers.



Below is what 1K Phew had to say about No Church In A While:

“No Church In A While has all types of meanings. We just went through the pandemic and ain’t nobody to church in a minute. This album is for everybody who ain’t been to church or connected to God in a while who thinks they can’t go back. It ain’t really that deep. God is waiting for everybody to tap back in. No Church In A While is telling people there’s still hope, you can still turn to God no matter how long you’ve been away.”


Give the very enjoyable No Church In A While a shot below.

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