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EARTHGANG Starts Their Album Rollout With “American Horror Story”

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American Horror Story


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

The artwork to this song is scary as s**t (Why do that adorable black girl’s eyes look like that).

One of the albums that I am looking forward to in 2022 is Ghetto Gods by EARTHGANG. The Dreamville group has done such a good job of standing out by making music that is truly unique. To get us hyped up for their upcoming project, EARTHGANG decided to release “American Horror Story.”



Believe it or not, “American Horror Story” is powered by an instrumental that boasts very comforting vibes. As for EARTHGANG, they are with the s**ts in the song. In both Olu and WowGr8’s verses, they slyly rap about all of the trials and tribulations that come with being black in America. Personally, what I love about the song is that it has a great spirit to it.

Give “American Horror Story” a shot below.


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