I’d Do Anything

Local Strangers

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A memorable indie tune that’s refreshingly uplifting.

Los Angeles-based music group Local Strangers are an indie collective with members from all over the globe. Their unique style combines R&B, pop, and indie rock along with bilingual lyrics for a sound “that reflects the strange, multicultural landscape of their American experience.” Outside of their group releases, Local Stranger’s has crafted music for anime, well-known television shows, and film. Their latest work is the indie R&B single “I’d Do Anything.” According to Local Stangers, “We wrote this song between playing a lot of shows this summer, writing and producing each part individually to highlight each musician’s strengths as every member of the band is phenomenal at what they do.”

Easygoing instrumentals and lighthearted lyrics keep “I’d Do Anything” feeling like a refreshing breath of indie-infused air. The use of Spanish vocals on the single is an enjoyable surprise that feels naturally placed with the track’s delightful blend of sound. Lyrics like “I’d do anything to keep you standing by my side” and “show me your love once again, I had no intention to offend” feel ultra-sweet and exude good vibes. Fans of indie and alternative R&B will love Local Stranger’s latest offering and agree that it showcases what makes the group’s sound wonderfully unique.