A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie teases us with “B4 AVA,” an EP that will get you hyped up for his upcoming album.



Honorable Mention. 24 Hours

Rappers make more love songs than R&B singers these days (Get your ass off the couch and hit the studio, Trey Songz).

Do you know what I like about “24 Hours?” Even though the song features some pretty mushy lyrics (A Boogie and Lil Durk mainly talk about making love to their down-ass chicks in the song), no one will ever question how gangsta the two rappers are. Matter of fact, in the midst of all of the boo-loving A Boogie does in the song, he secretly talks about feeling some type of way because he hasn’t physically hurt anybody in a while (Yikes).



3. Girls Go Down

Duh! My girl likes to do her laundry in the basement (A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is talking about basements in this song, right?)

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie keeps the piano-driven beat that powers “Girls Go Down” on a string. His flows on the song are trickier than Matt Nagy’s explanations on why he didn’t start Justin Fields at the beginning of the season. As for lyrically, A Boogie comes across as a dude that loves to spoil both his chick and himself. S**t, the only thing getting spoiled around me is Almond milk (How many times do I have to tell you that I have no money?).



2. Glasses

It’s clear to see that “Glasses” is fire (Sorry for saying that weak-ass punchline).

I love how dramatic “Glasses” sounds. Yes, A Boogie is usually dramatic as hell in his music, but I feel like the melodies he drops just sound a little more riveting, his lyrics just feel a little deeper, and the instrumental just feels a little more impactful in this particular song.



1. Man In The Mirror

If there are songs that are better than “Man In The Mirror” on Ava, Boogie might end up with the album of the year in 2022.

I think A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie needed a track like “Man In The Mirror” at this time. Since he’s been pretty silent these last couple of years, I thought it was dope that he decided to remind folks how slimy, reckless, antisocial, rich, and cold he is in this song. Aside from the lyrics that he drops, I also love how he relies on melodies on the track but also comes across as gritty as hell.


1. Man In The Mirror (5/5)

2. Glasses (4/5)

3. Girls Go Down (4/5)

4. Making You Cry (3/5)

5. Notifications (4/5)

6. Be Free (4/5)

7. 24 Hours (4/5)




Do you remember when A Boogie was considered one of the hottest rappers on the planet? I don’t think he fell off, he just stopped making music. I have a feeling that we will see tons of A Boogie in 2022. If B4 AVA is any indication of what we should expect from the Highbridge rapper, woo wee, he might regain his King of New York crown (Yes, he once had it).

Do you know what I love about B4 AVA? It features the exact style of music that we would want to hear from A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. No, he doesn’t experiment with a bunch of sounds as he did in some of his prior albums; instead, he relies on his signature melodic rap sound that is the right mix between sappy and gutter. All in all, B4 AVA reminded me why I was so high on A Boogie from the start.

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