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Øystein David Releases The Action-Packed “Nova”

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Øystein David

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“Nova” should be the theme song to the next major superhero film.

Øystein David is a masterful composer from Norway. His latest release is the three-track instrumental album titled Pilgrim. One of the absolute gems off of the project is “Nova.”

“Nova” is the perfect intro for Pilgrim. The elaborate instrumental is packed with a great tempo, thrilling melodies, a few different sides, and compelling vibes. From the moment that you press play on the track, you will be enamored in the complex drum patterns (Kudos to Adam Betts from e.g. Three Trapped Tigers and Squarepusher for his work on the drums) and feverish combination of sounds. Overall, I feel “Nova” is the kind of track that will pump confidence, determination, and fearlessness into your soul.

Give the wonderful “Nova” a shot below.


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