Tory Lanez explores 80s-styled music in “Alone At Prom.”






5. Enchanted Waterfall

I listened to “Enchanted Waterfall” while sipping on some very tart lemonade. What the lemonade allowed me to do was squint my face, properly emulating the pain that was probably on Tory’s face as he laid down his vocals for the song.

As soon as you press play on this bizarre album, you are thrown into some dramatic s**t. “Enchanted Waterfall” sounds like a song that would play during a scene in a movie in which Demi Moore begs Patrick Swayze to stay with her instead of fleeing the country to avoid a murder charge.



4. Lady Of Namek

I listened to “Lady Of Namek” on a dance floor with a sweaty/zesty shirt on, a flower in my hand, and rejection on my face.

“Lady Of Namek” definitely grew on me. When I first heard the song, I thought it was boring as hell. After a few listens, I now think that the song features a great tempo, very intoxicating melodies, and lyrics that highlight how complicated/addictive having a crush on someone can be.



3. Lavender Sunflower

I listened to “Lavender Sunflower” on my bed with hot pants on while eating a bowl of hot syrup and watching my lady who is currently in an uber get closer to my crib.

“Lavender Sunflower” is a sexy-ass song, right? It features an instrumental that is sensual as hell and lyrics that dive into love-making in a way that is intimate. It’s literally the definition of passion, fire, and melted chocolate.



2. ’87 Stingray

I listened to “’87 Stingray” as I drove to that one diner in which people get into fist-fights, order greasy-ass sandwiches, and make out in cars that have over 100k miles on it.

“’87 Stingray” features the following things: An instrumental that you might hear on a dance scene on Saved By The Bell, a vocal performance that will try to pick a fight with your ears, melodies that are way too colorful to ignore, and lyrics that high school studs can relate to.

I actually downloaded “’87 Stingray” to my music library. I think this is a fantastic song.



1. Pink Dolphin Sunset

“Pink Dolphin Sunset” is one of the most interesting titles for a song that I’ve ever heard.

“Pink Dolphin Sunset” features a bunch of melodies that are easy to get lost in. It also features lyrics that are touching, juicy, romantic, and so damn 80s-esque. All in all, this track will make you dance, have you in your feelings, and make you think that Tory is Ralph Tresvant’s long-lost brother.


1. Enchanted Waterfall (4/5)

2. Pink Dolphin Sunset (5/5)

3. Midnight’s Interlude (N/A)

4. The Color Violet (3/5)

5. Lavinder Sunflower (5/5)

6. Ballad of a Badman (4/5)

7. Lady Of Namek (4/5)

8. Pluto’s Last Comet (4/5)

9. ’87 Stingray (5/5)

10. Hurt From Mercury (4/5)

11. Last Kiss Of Nebulon (3/5)




First and foremost, let’s get this out of the way: Tory Lanez is too talented for his own good. For him to do a whole 80s album without really showing glimpses of being a guy that is capable of making 80s-type music is hella impressive.

Alone At Prom features 80s-styled beats, 80s-styled melodies, 80s-styled topics, high school drama-filled lyrics, and probably a little too much zestiness (I mean that in a good way). Would I recommend you to play it in a bando? No. Would I recommend you to play it to hype your party up? No. Would I recommend you to play it during one-night-stands? Absolutely!

One thing that you probably don’t know about me is that I love the 80s. I used to tell my parents that I wish y’all made me in 1965 so I can be a teenager around those times (Thank GOD I don’t think like that anymore…). What I love is this album gives you a blast to those times in an authentic way. In all seriousness, this album is extremely impressive.

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