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We Up

Chris Webby (Ft. DMX)

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Long live Dark Man X!

Every major hip-hop fan had to take the loss of DMX hard. In my opinion, he changed the hip-hop game with his ferocious/animalistic style of rapping. Though we didn’t get a chance to hear a bunch of new DMX tracks these last couple of years, we did get gifted with a full-length album by him that was released just a few months ago. Today, Chris Webby decided to add to all of our DMX playlists by releasing a collaboration song that he did with him called “We Up.”



I don’t listen to Chris Webby’s music often, but I do admit, he did DMX’s legacy justice with “We Up.” In the song, Webby raps with the same kind of tenacity and vitriol that the fallen Yonkers rapper spit with back in the day. The song also features a vintage DMX verse in which he talks about being ready for war at all times. I can honestly say that I enjoyed this song a lot.

I don’t think that there will ever be another DMX.

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