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Kodak Black Sounds Hood Romantic In “Love & War”

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Love & War

Kodak Black

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Yak is in love, y’all!

One thing that I really like about Kodak Black is that he isn’t afraid to drop love songs here and there. Remember, a few years ago, he released a somewhat mushy project called Heart Break Kodak. Kodak hasn’t pushed aside his Romeo ways just yet, as today, he decided to release an interesting new love song called “Love & War.”



I’m not sure I’ve heard Kodak make a track like “Love & War” before… The song is powered by an uptempo beat that you could definitely jump rope to, melodic raps that are delivered carefreely, and lyrics that are childishly romantic. Based on everything that I just said, you would think that the song is bad, right? Not at all. I think it’s catchy and flows well.

Kodak be sounding like he has fifteen plantains in his mouth while he’s rapping.

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