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Way Up


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A motivational hip-hop track that reminds us to never give up on the grind.

St. Louis, Missouri native Andraeco Craig (aka Dre’co) is a rising rap artist with a unique storytelling style. Growing up, Dre’co was surrounded by a family full of musicians that helped fuel his own passions for his craft. Choosing to follow his dreams of becoming an artist, Dre’co creates songs that explore his life experiences and showcase his goal-oriented mindset. One of his latest drops is the song “Way Up,” which is one of fourteen tracks on the album Therapy Sessions. The recent release features the talented Asia Major and also has an accompanying music video.

“Way Up” reflects Dre’co’s drive to succeed, a theme that’s similarly shown in the video, which sees Asia Major training hard to win an upcoming boxing match. Lines like “Building all this from the ground up” and “I got a lil buzz but it ain’t enough” reflect both artists’ never give up mentality and will leave you feeling hyped to match their winning mindsets. Anyone struggling with life’s challenges will love the boost of encouragement you’ll find in Dre’co and Asia Major’s motivational anthem.

Check out “Way Up” to get inspired to rise to the top.

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