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Listen To “No, I’m Not OK” By Yung Bleu

No, I’m Not OK (EP)

Yung Bleu

Yung Bleu drops a five-pack Shakur titled “No, I’m Not OK.”

Yung Bleu’s rise to the top came fast. I feel like he became a popping musician overnight. Notice how I used the word “musician” to describe Bleu. I don’t consider him to be just a rapper; I consider him to be a versatile musician. in No, I’m Not OK, Bleu flexes his R&B skills.



No, I’m Not OK is short but sweet. The song only boasts five tracks, but every one of them features intricate melodies, deep-ass lyrics, and beats that give off vibes that will definitely draw you in. If you plan on having a chill-ass weekend, I recommend that you give this EP a spin.

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