Mama I Made It

Samad Savage (Ft. Lex Bratcher & Drok)

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

An upbeat hip-hop song that proudly praises beating the odds.

Montclair, New Jersey native Samad Savage is a rapper and producer who wants to make a lasting impact on the hip-hop game. After his initial debut in 2016, he decided that he wanted to use his platform to give back. Then, in 2017, Savage created “The Clair Concert,” an annual music series meant to showcase unknown talent. A year later, he released his debut album, The Grey Area, which showed off his skills as an MC and reflected on important, often overlooked topics such as child abuse. “If I don’t change the world, I’ll change your world,” says the rapper. “Mama I Made It” is one of the fifteen tracks on Samad’s new album DUO-LITTY. The song features talented artists Lex Bratcher and Drok.

According to Samad Savage, his new tune is “For all the mamas and all the sons and daughters who are grinding to one day be able to tell their mama they made it.” Filled with high-energy flows that showcase truly impressive lyricism, “Mama I Made It” keeps the good vibes going from start to finish. Throughout the track, each artist offers up a well-matched contribution to the overall experience while showing off their styles. While Samad gets reflective with lyrics like “my image is Ali routin’ the quickest hit, I be wildin’,” Lex Bratcher keeps it honest and makes us laugh with the line, “but I ain’t Katt Williams, I am not fightin’ none of you kids.” Similarly, Drok ties it all together with a sick chorus that’s wonderfully catchy. You definitely don’t want to sleep on all of this amazing talent, so check out “Mama I Made It” and let the inspirational track remind you to never stop reaching for success.