RGM RATINGS (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A hypnotic hip-hop single that reminds you to be self-reliant and to not give in to fake support.

Buffalo, New York-native Jay Michael Fanara (aka Jaydense) is an up-and-coming American/Italian artist who crafts attention-grabbing tunes with plenty of heart. His unique style focuses on quality over quantity, mixing sharp lyricism with captivating beats for a soulfully solid experience. Jaydense’s work mainly concentrates on hip-hop and R&B but is intended to reach a broader range of listeners outside the genres. One of his latest singles is the hip-hop track “EMPTY TABLES.” According to the artist, this track is “FOR ALL MY INDEPENDENT KINGS & QUEENS.”

With a complementary background of laidback beats that exude soulful R&B energy, “EMPTY TABLES” reflects on the positive side of loneliness. Lines like “My life is enriched by all this crazy shit I do man” and “Took time to myself to get my self-worth figured out” are meaningful reminders that being by yourself is better than being with someone who is unsupportive. This song has a very intimate yet inviting feel that makes it the perfect listen for anyone whose feeling lonely and needs to remember that sometimes all you need is yourself.