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Good Vibes Only, Vol. 1 (EP)

Trinisha Browne

This project will light up any room that it is played in.

Trinisha Browne is an Afro-Dancehall artist from Trinidad & Tobago. In my opinion, her biggest strength is her ability to make music that is infectious. Trinisha’s latest offering is Good Vibes Only, Vol. 1, a six-track EP that features nothing but spirited music.

From the moment that you press play on Good Vibes Only, Vol. 1, you are flooded with music that features tons of dance vibes, extremely catchy hooks, powerful melodies, colorful instrumentals, and lyrics that tackle the topic of love in ways that are heartwarming and honest. More than anything, I think this EP has strong replay value (I’ve already played it five times in the last thirty minutes).

Listen to Good Vibes Only, Vol. 1 below.




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