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L-Storm Blazes Up In “Roll That”

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Roll That


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

The newest addition to your 420 playlist.

New York’s very own L-Storm is an up-and-coming artist with a standout style. His influences include artists Tupac, Eazy-E, Wu-Tang, Capital Steez, Westside Gunn, and Earl Sweatshirt. L-Storm says, “I was raised on good music and that’s all I intend on creating!” His goal is to continuously tell his story to a background of fresh, ever-changing beats. As a result, one of his latest drops is the hip-hop single “Roll That.”

L-Storm’s self-proclaimed “feel good 420 song” lives up to the hype with a vibrant blend of light instruments, upbeat tones, and a cheering dash of 90s retro style. Blithe lyrics like “gotta dime that’s wetter than the shore drowning like Jason” and “when life’s doing the most, let the sour make you roast” give the tune an easygoing and comedic sense, reminding us not to take things too seriously. L-Storm exclaims that “we all go through a plethora of stuff in our lives, especially nowadays, but it’s a celebratory experience all in all.” With its all-around good vibes, “Roll That” is the perfect listen for anyone who needs a lift-me-up, or for anyone just needing a dose of positivity to brighten their day.

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