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Save Me

Peter Stone

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Piano and vocals voice a melancholic pop song.

Italian singer and songwriter, Peter Stone, is an artist whom we should all start paying attention to. The 22-year-old began a relationship with music at a young age through playing piano and singing his heart out. His independent debut, Unlabeled, dropped on December 24th. The biggest inspirations for Peter’s music are Michael Jackson and The Weeknd, along with artists that have been able to make an impact on society. Peter Stone’s work is extremely personal, something that can be observed in his single “Save Me.” (BTW, this song has a live performance on Youtube; It is utterly gorgeous and worth exploring)

“Save Me” is a slow, wistful pop song in which Peter Stone displays his deep passion for songwriting. Lyrics like “My demons keep on wanting more” and “You can save me, save me from myself” show how honest and vulnerable both the song and writer are. Overall, “Save Me” is brave and beautifully done with only a piano and vocals; a different setup from the rest of the EP. According to Stone, this is because he wanted the listener’s attention to be on his words. 

“Save Me” is a great song on an incredible project. Both are worthy of your listening pleasure.

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