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The Gifted Program & Only Stori Craft a Tempting Romantic Reflection with “Overboard”

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The Gifted Program & Only Stori

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

An ultra contagious single filled with seductive vocals.

New York and Miami-based production collective The Gifted Program is a group that crafts wonderfully fresh and attention-grabbing tunes. Previously, The Gifted Program collaborated with their standout recording artist, Only Stori, for their debut single, the hip-hop track “Awesome.” For their second official single release, “Overboard,” the group once again teamed up with the New York City-based singer-songwriter to create a masterpiece.

The seductive “Overboard” tells a romantic tale of desire with a well-matched backdrop of equally sensual and intriguing beats. With a delightful combination of afro-pop and dancehall elements, “Overboard” feels like a wonderfully fresh breath of oceanside air. Lyrics like “Let’s make this night our dream come true” and “We could travel seven seas, baby feel the ocean breeze” are relayed by Only Stori’s hypnotically compelling vocals. You don’t want to miss The Gifted Program’s new drop, so press play and let the infectious waves sweep you off on a naughtily nautical tale of love.

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