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Jck Gets Romantic In “Hit My Line”

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Hit My Line


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A captivating R&B fusion single filled with heartfelt lyrics.

Australian-based musician Jck is a Polynesian native who crafts genuinely unforgettable songs. As an artist, Jck prides himself on his refreshing authenticity, which truly makes him one of a kind. His unique style typically combines R&B, soul, trap, hip-hop, and rap elements, although, he doesn’t limit himself when it comes to genres. His latest release is the hip-hop single “Hit My Line.”

Accompanied by a vibrant blend of mellow, yet uplifting beats, “Hit My Line” reflects on the artist’s love for his special someone. Lyrics like “I promise ain’t nobody gonna love you like me” and “Around me girl you ain’t gotta feel insecure” see Jck showcasing all he has to offer. Fans of R&B and hip-hop will love Jck’s new single, so hit play and experience the heartfelt lines of “Hit My Line” for yourself.

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