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Naughty or Nice

Big Husk

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An upbeat holiday hip-hop single for Christmas lovers.

New Jersey native Big Husk is an American rapper who designs tunes with a personal touch. He initially began creating music after his mother was diagnosed with cancer, but has since continued to share his experiences and passion with the world. Big Husk has done numerous collaborations with up-and-coming artists, and he has performed for a variety of venues as he continues to make his mark on the music scene. One of his recent releases is the heartwarming holiday single “Naughty or Nice.” An official music video accompanies the song.

Complemented by an uplifting blend of beats to keep you firmly in the Christmas spirit, “Naughty or Nice “reflects on Big Husk’s holiday wish list. Lyrics like “Hot chocolate marshmallow she’s so sweet” and “I just wanna make a gingerbread house, I just wanna make some Christmas cookies” offer up a seasonal overload of good vibes. But, of course, as real fans know, the holiday joy doesn’t end after December 25th, so put on your Santa hat, press play, and keep living every day like it’s Christmas.

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