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NBA YoungBoy Takes Aim At His Foes In “Bring The Hook”

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Bring The Hook

NBA YoungBoy

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NBA YoungBoy has been a menace since he’s gotten out of jail.

NBA YoungBoy might be the most unmarketable number one option that the hip-hop game has ever seen. I mean, s**t, even Pac made wholesome movies like Poetic Justice every once in a while. With that being said, I expect NBA’s brand new project, Colors, to both sell well and ruffle some feathers. Today, the Lousiana native decided to release “Bring The Hook,” a scary-ass banger that I think will definitely make a few folks upset.

In “Bring The Hook,” NBA YoungBoy confirms that he is ready to go to war with anyone. In the song, he literally talks about shooting his opps over and over again. While NBA always talks about blasting folks in his music, in this particular song, things sound personal. Peep this line that he said in the song below:

N***a, this that Squid Game, O-Block pack get rolled up
Murder what they told us, Atlanta boy get fold up
N***a get your hoes up, these b*tches throwin’ up green flags
Throwin’ that NBA up, for me, set you up to bust your ass

Oop. World War III is brewing.

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