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Chris Brown Makes His Triumphant Return With “Iffy”

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Chris Brown

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

I feel like anytime we get new music from Chris Brown, it’s a privilege.

These past couple of years, Chris Brown has moved pretty silently. He’s never really on the news, you hear him on features every once in a while, and he has rarely dropped singles. Maybe he felt overworked after giving us two bodies of work that exceeded 50 tracks. Anywho, I do feel like we will be seeing a lot more CB in 2022. Today, the VA-born singer decided to release “Iffy,” a bouncy banger that I think will remind the world how much of a bad-ass that he is.

“Iffy” kind of reminds me of “Loyal.” Both songs feature brash lyrics that showcase Chris’ playboy, rich, carefree, and playful ways. I will say that the main difference between the two songs is this: “Iffy” sounds a little rawer as it features flows and melodies that definitely sound like they were made up on the fly. Nonetheless, s**t is definitely fire.

Not enough people talk about how Chris Brown has carved out a very successful 17-year career.

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