P Power


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

I think “P Power” was worth the wait, no?

Millions of people worldwide said to themselves “what the f**k?” when they saw that “P Power” wasn’t on Gunna’s DS4EVER album. Some similar s**t happened when Trippie Redd dropped his Trip At Knight album (Maybe the feds don’t like Drake). The good news is this: DS4EVER was so great, I don’t even think the album needed “P Power” to shine. The even better news is this: “P Power” dropped today!

“P Power” should be nominated for the most pimpadocios, sliest, and porniest track of all time. For starters, the song features this Metro Boomin beat that sounds like it would’ve fit perfectly on a 70s Blaxploitation film. Over the beat, Gunna and Drake both talk about smashing, flipping, trading, and employing chicks with powerful vajayjays (Drake veers off course a bit and starts antagonizing his foes in his verse, but not for very long). Overall, I think the song is catchy, provocative, and almost too chill for its own good.

Do you think that “P Power” would’ve made DS4EVER’s top 5 list? I think not.