RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A captivating single that reflects on inner struggles with an optimistic outlook.

Saint Paul, Minnesota native, Moromo, is an R&B artist who crafts tunes with a conscious mindset. With a long-standing passion for music, Moromo learned to play the drums at a young age and later went on to tour nationally with a local band during his high school years. Currently, the artist is following his dream of releasing original work by writing, composing, and producing his own songs. In addition to his music career, Moromo is also consistently active in the fight for human rights. His new single, “Ceasefire,” releases everywhere on January 28th.

According to the artist, the new single “is about internal battles and searching for meaning. It’s about finding love and hope in the least expected places and people.” Unquestionably, “Ceasefire” provides plenty of inspiration. Moromo’s messages shine through as a backdrop of mellow yet uplifting instrumentals nicely complement the artist’s melodic vocals while never taking focus away from the track’s important reflection. Lyrics like “I found the innocence In the child I used to be” and “I found out that love is the drug that I need” offer up an honest and relatable contemplation of everyday inner struggles while still maintaining an optimistic sense. With its well-crafted lyrics and plenty of touching moments, “Ceasefire” is a can’t miss single that will leave you musing on its words long after the last notes.

Make sure you check out Moromo’s five-star track, “Ceasefire,” when it releases on January 28th.