Earl Sweatshirt does things his way in “SICK!”




5. Lye

“Lye” features one of my favorite beats on this album.

Though Earl doesn’t quite ride the beat like I would prefer him to in “Lye,” he does at least keep s**t real lyrically (OK, I’ll be honest, the only thing I really like about this song is the beat).

Man, I wish Action Bronson was on this track.



4. Lobby (int)

I really wish that “Lobby (int)” was a full track.

I love it when Earl Sweatshirt raps like a dude that knows he’s the s**t. In “Lobby (int),” he does just that as, throughout the song, he sounds unbothered by his competition and pretty laidback overall. His flows are also on point, too.



3. Fire In the Hole

You’re going to need to down a few Red Bulls before you press play on “Fire in the Hole.”

“Fire in the Hole” is the epitome of an Earl Sweatshirt track. The song features drowsy rap deliveries, a debonair/soothing instrumental, and lyrics that are probably too cool for its own good. This is definitely a track true fans of his will love.



2. Titanic

“Titanic” is less than two minutes long. Within that brief amount of time, Earl Sweatshirt hits us with raps that highlight… well… I actually don’t know what the hell he is talking about in the song (His lyrics are so random).

What I can tell you is this: I appreciate the fact that Earl decided to actually stay on beat in this song. I also appreciate the mean-ass beat that he decided to drop his bars over (That s**t is meaner than Carson Wentz’s naysayers).



1. 2010

I love how hungry Earl sounds on this track.

Earl Sweatshirt actually rides this song’s smooth/bass booming beat really well. Let me repeat, EARL SWEATSHIRT RIDES THIS SONG’S SMOOTH/BASS BOOMING BEAT REALLY WELL! Aside from that, the former Odd Future member also drops witty, wisdom-filled, pompous, humble, and punchline-heavy bars in the song. All in all, I f**k with this joint a lot.


1. Old Friend (4/5)

2. 2010 (4/5)

3. Sick! (3/5)

4. Vision (3/5)

5. Tabula Rasa (3/5)

6. Lye (3/5)

7. Lobby (int) (3/5)

8. God Laughs (2/5)

9. Titanic (4/5)

10. Fire in the Hole (3/5)




While reviewing this album, I had to say to myself several times that Earl Sweatshirt’s music is an acquired taste…

This album sounds incomplete in every single way (I think that’s how Earl wanted it to sound, too). Most of the songs on it are less than two minutes. The album also features verses that feel like they are missing something. At the end of the day, I think it’s Earl’s unorthodox style, wise/random/impactful/relatable lyrics (He actually doesn’t rap much on the album), and riveting beats that will keep you on your toes.

Earl really forces you to listen to his words…

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3 thoughts on “Earl Sweatshirt – SICK! (Album Review)

  1. I know this doesnt really relate much but how has no one put you on to Kota The Friend yet, or why hasn’t any review made it to the site? He is soooooo good you wont be disapointed!

      1. Just dropped! Gotta go check it out its pretty good. I havent come across a Kota song I havent liked yet, hes got hella singles that are all great too. I tried to reach Kota on here but didnt come up with any results.

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