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NLE Choppa & MoneyBagg Yo Unite For “Too Hot”

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Too Hot

NLE Choppa

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Memphis, stand up!

Memphis is blazing hot right now. Not only is their basketball team on an eleven game winning streak, but the city has a rap scene that is buzzing right now. Two artists from the city that are certainly doing their thing are NLE Choppa and MoneyBagg Yo. Today, a brand new collaboration single featuring the two hit streaming services.

The cold-ass beat that powers “Too Hot” brings out ruthless versions of NLE Choppa and MoneyBagg Yo. In the song, the two rappers mainly rap about popping folks that they see as ops and spoiling women with luxurious items. Though their content is extremely heinous, they really don’t raise their decibel levels much (The calmest of killers are the scariest killers).

Some of these rappers need new hobbies.

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