iann dior Recruits Travis Barker & Machine Gun Kelly For “thought it was”

Pump that emo s**t in my blood, Jack!

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thought it was

iann dior (Ft. Travis Barker & Machine Gun Kelly)

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Pump that emo s**t in my blood, Jack!

I’m not going to lie, I love me some emo-hop! Three guys that I think are the creme de la creme of emo-hop are Travis Barker, Machine Gun Kelly, and iann dior. Today, 341 days away from Christmas, a new track featuring the three, “thought it was,” hit streaming services.

“thought it was” is an emotional, bouncy, and intoxicating emo-hop banger. In the song, both iann dior and Machine Gun Kelly sing and rap their asses off, hitting us with lyrics that make me want to ditch California, love, and prune juice. Overall, I think this is a very good record.

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