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Black Jag (Album)

Brent Allen

Brent Allen has now, next, and shortly after that.

I’m prepared to put all of my Doge coins on Brent Allen blowing up. Personally, he reminds me of the Bryson Tillers of the world that know how to put together melodic raps that are extra appealing (Everyone loves Bryson Tiller, right?). After dropping the very impressive EP, 1st Quarter, Brent is back with a brand new EP titled Black Jag.

Black Jag is short but sweet. The EP boasts only five tracks, but all of them are hotter than Frank Vogel’s seat. What I think will catch listeners’ attention is how Brent comes across as aggressive in his raps, but also gentle enough vocally. I think listeners will also like the booming, yet smooth trap beats that he does his work over. All in all, Black Jag is some luxurious hip-hop s**t.

Give Brent Allen’s Black Jag a shot below.

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