Pop Music

2 Chainz (Ft. MoneyBagg Yo & BeatKing)

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Yo, are there any pool parties open in DC this weekend? (I’m down to freeze my ass off to see some legs and thighs)

I saw 2 Chainz in a f**king NFL commercial the other day. I think it’s apparent that he is a megastar. I think it’s also apparent that he’s putting a lot of stock into his next release, Dope Don’t Sell Itself. To get us hyped up for the project, the Atlanta rapper decided to release a bouncy new banger called “Pop Music.”

“Pop Music” sounds like your stereotypical ass-shaking anthem. Over a beat that sounds like it was made on a free trial beat-making application, 2 Chainz and MoneyBagg Yo glamorize their money, and women that are flexible and down to do something strange for a piece of change. As for BeatKing, he blesses the song with one of the simplest hooks of all time (I wonder if he got paid to lay down that hook… Like, he probably took a flight, rented a hotel, and took an expensive uber to 2 Chainz studio just to drop a hook in which he says “Pop It” over and over again).

Give “Pop It” a shot below.