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KING LX’s “SAY IT” Is a Smooth, Soulful Reflection

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A heartfelt single that will elevate your spirit.

Hamburg, Germany native, Benji Asare, also known as KING LX, is a musician who crafts unforgettable songs. With a unique, contemporary style, his music weaves elements of soul and R&B into powerful sounds; in this way, KING LX is the king of creating a melodic, thought-provoking experience. Having spent years working with various artists, both nationally and globally, has exposed him to a variety of sound influences. These are reflected in his diverse work; the most popular of which is the single “Universe,” found here. His second most famous track is now also his latest drop; the R&B track “SAY IT.”

With a hypnotic, haunting backdrop of mellow piano, KING LX reaches deep within to share a personal reflection. Filled with the heartache and longing that comes from broken promises, he expresses sorrow and sadness in each word. Lyrics like “I’m just waiting on you to stop choosing your words carefully” and “I held my hopes up, but I lost all my belief” are delivered with passion. Heart-wrenching vocals exude raw emotion with every line. While its soulful delivery and spirited gospel energy make the track feel more alternative R&B than it does straightforward hip-hop/rap, “SAY IT” is a beautifully chilling reflection, regardless of categorized genre. You certainly won’t want to miss out on KING LX’s latest offering, so press play and let the captivating words of “SAY IT” connect with your soul.

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