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Mr Little Jeans Dazzles with Dreamy “Paper Vows”

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Paper Vows

Mr Little Jeans

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A wondrous alternative gem that reflects on personal experiences with a fresh mindset.

Los Angeles, California-based creative, Monica Birkenes, is a Norwegian singer/songwriter better known for her unique moniker Mr Little Jeans. Her name comes from Wes Anderson’s 1998 movie Rushmore. MLJ first debuted back in 2014 with the album Pocketknife, where she covered popular songs, earning her public recognition. In contrast, her original work has received praise from various outlets like NYLON, Fader, PAPER, and NPR Music. Of these works, MLJ’s most famous single is “The Suburbs,” which has over 28 million listens on Spotify. Her holiday hit, “Dear Santa,” claims the next spot. After these releases and an extended hiatus, MLJ returned to the music scene invigorated and ready to pursue a path of self-empowerment. “Paper Vows” is her latest alternative dual-single release.

The wonderland that is “Paper Vows” will delight your eardrums, flow through your veins, and leave you floating in the space between daylight and dreams. Amid a gorgeous blend of hypnotic sounds that brightens with vibrant electro-pop vibes, MLJ recalls personal experiences with hauntingly chilled vocals. Lyrics like “I danced your fandango/But I am over being gentlemanly” and “We should’ve been all warm and tender/But it wasn’t and I still remember” become reflective while examining the past with a new perspective. The resulting well-woven mixture is a magical experience that you won’t want to miss. So press play and lose yourself in the sonic soundscape of Mr. Little Jeans’ “Paper Vows.”

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