ReaLifeTae keeps it 100 throughout the powerful “111.”




5. Made It Out

ReaLifeTae outlines what it’s like to live in the trap in “Made It Out.”

There are several things to like about “Made It Out.” For starters, the song features this electrifying beat that has these rock vibes attached to it that makes it sound extra edgy. The song also features a hook that I think is hella catchy, some very good storytelling, and an urgency that will have you glued to your seat.



4. #Nsfw 21′

ReaLifeTae gives us very good advice in “#Nsfw 21′.”

The first thing that comes to my attention about “#Nsfw 21′” is the beat. It has this artfulness to it that is hard to ignore. As for RealLifeTae, he does a fantastic job of meeting the beat’s energy with chill flows and lyrics that perfectly describe the many ways that he keeps it real as hell. If you are a young jit that is lost in life, listen to this song with a pen and a pad in your hands.



3. Propelled To Prosper

If you need a motivational boost, I recommend that you listen to “Propelled To Prosper.”

“Propelled To Prosper” is powered by this heroic beat that will definitely pick a fight with your speakers. Over it, ReaLifeTae hits us with raps that let the world know about his come-up and some of the experiences that helped mold the way that he moves today. What I like about the track is that it features a hook that is infectious as hell and raps that are filled with pure honesty and bravery.



2. Still Offset

“Still Offset” is one of the main tracks on this album that I expect to hear in clubs worldwide.

I’ve always been a fan of menacing street beats like the one that you hear in “Still Offset.” When you add the super catchy hook, the braggadocios/suave/trill lyrics, and the cold-ass deliveries to the equation, you get a very dynamic street banger.



1. What All it Seems…

There are so many beats on this album that I find to be chill as hell. The most chill beat on this album is the one that you hear on “What All it Seems…”

ReaLifeTae is 100% correct when he says that Larry June kills beats like the one that you hear on “What All it Seems…(I would add Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y to the list of people that would kill the beat)” The good news is this: You get a fantastic performance from RLT in the song. You’ll love his wise words, vulnerable lyrics, and cool-ass deliveries.


1. Invite Only (3/5)

2. Nitty Gritty (Tap In) (4/5)

3. Manifested Destiny (3/5)

4. #NSFW 21′ (4/5)

5. Trophy Wife (3/5)

6. Made It Out (4/5)

7. 7ucky Wildcat (3/5)

8. Still Offset (4/5)

9. What All It Seems (4/5)

10. Propelled to Prosper (4/5)

11. Power Back & #Nsfw 22′ (3/5)




When ReaLifeTae makes his music, I’m pretty sure that he goes to a lab and not a studio. To me, he is a pro at dissecting beats like scientists are pros at dissecting frogs. In 111, RLT does a great job of hitting us with unique flows and wise words.

Honestly, the first thing that caught my attention about 111 was the beats. Every single one knocks harder than the people that serve eviction notices. Most of the beats on the album also have these riveting vibes attached to them that let you know how grandiose of a human-being ReaLifeTae is. I definitely give the beats on this album an A.

The most important characteristic that I think a rapper needs to have is confidence; ReaLifeTae has boatloads of that. In 111, I love how sure he is with his words, how potent his lyrics are, and even how he chooses to rap at his own pace regardless of the kind of beat that he is handed. While there are certain moments in which I wish RLT chose to resort to catchiness, at the end of the day, his words are clearly the most important thing you need to peel from this album.

When artists fearlessly spill their hearts out in their music, I am all ears; ReaLifeTae does that throughout all of 111. Even if you didn’t go through the same hard times that he went through early in his life, the way that he pieces his words together will definitely make you feel his struggles and ultimate prominence.  

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