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Yung Bleu & Ne-Yo Reunite For “Walk Through Fire”

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Walking Through Fire

Yung Bleu (Ft. Ne-Yo)

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Yung Bleu and Ne-Yo collaborated on a track late last year.

I’m very impressed with Yung Bleu’s singing skills. Initially, I thought that he was just a trap rapper that knew how to throw together infectious melodies here and there. These last couple of months, Bleu has dropped some very authentic R&B tracks. This weekend, he decided to release “Walking Through Fire,” perhaps his most impressive R&B release to date.

Wow, I am actually blown away by this track. I love the strong melodies, the touching lyrics, and the comforting piano-driven instrumental that powers the song. Though I think that Ne-Yo clearly shines the brightest on the song, kudos must be given to Yung Bleu for really showing his ass vocally.

Give “Walk Through The Fire” a shot below.

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