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Gucci Mane Calls On Lil Durk For “Rumors”

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Gucci Mane (Ft. Lil Durk)

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Why does this song sound like it was made in 2010 (I mean that in a positive way)?

In my book, Gucci Mane is a legend. Throughout the years, he has proven that he is one of the grittiest, most adaptable, and richest trappers to ever grace planet earth. Last night, while we were all skleep, Gucci decided to drop “Rumors,” a menacing banger that features yet another trapper that has done some major things in his life: Lil Durk.

“Rumors” sounds like a vintage trap record. For starters, the song features this action-packed trap beat that you might hear in a Liam Neeson movie. Over the beat, Durk ruthlessly calls out his foes and brags about his gun-totting ways, while Gucci Mane reminisces on his run-ins from the past and gives backhanded advice to someone he has had beef with for a while. The two rappers come across as unbothered and cold.

If you grew up on either Gucci or Durk’s music, you will enjoy this track.

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