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Dorasel Keeps It Honest In “No Love”

No Love

Dorasel (Ft. Slim Thug & D-Bando)

Dorasel is all set to launch a new track, “No Love,” on February 25.

Dorasel is a rapper from Texas that has been putting in work for years now. Back in 1998, folks were so high on his music-making skills he ended up signing with J. Prince’s classic Rap-A-Lot Records label. After a few misfortunes in his life that derailed his music career for a little bit, Dorasel will be back with “No Love,” a track featuring Houston legends Slim Thug and the late D-Bando.

According to Dorasel, “No Love” was inspired by his past relationship with his now ex-wife. In the song, he’ll be seen rapping about making sacrifices for her, only to end up heartbroken because of her selfish ways. Knowing how descriptive and hard-hitting Dorasel’s rap verses usually are, I expect “No Love” to be deep, relatable, and hella trill.

Stay tuned for the release of “No Love.” In the meantime, check out Dorasel’s Spotify and Instagram page to keep tabs on him.





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