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Kidd Doxx Seeks Real Love In “Hey Delilah”

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Hey Delilah

Kidd Doxx & Sarah Lyoness

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Heartbreak never sounded so illy.

Anytime you see anyone with Kid or Kidd in their name, they are the truth: Jason Kidd, Kid Ink, The Heartbreak Kid, Kid Icarus, etc, etc. Do you know who else has Kidd in their name? Kidd Doxx. Who is Kidd Doxx? A soon to be legend that just dropped one of the best tracks of the year in “Hey Delilah.”

Technically, “Hey Delilah” came out late last year, but who cares, it should be nominated for song of the year in 2022! The song features the following things: A beat that is both bouncy and colorful enough to make you spaz the hell out, unbelievable melodies, words from a woman that you can tell is beautiful on both the inside and outside, and most importantly, these deep lyrics that tackle everything from break-ups to neglection to stepping out to heartbreak. I swear, after listening to this joint, I want to meet Delilah so I can shake her hand, because evidently, she motivated Doxx to make some heat.

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