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It’s Not So Bad (Album)


“It’s Not So Bad” has some very chill records.

Last year, Kyle somewhat shocked the world by announcing that he was now an independent artist. His new label status hasn’t had an impact on his music-making skills, as he’s done a good job of not only keeping his foot on the gas when it comes to releasing singles, but he has also dropped some pretty quality tunes. Today, Kyle decided to release a brand new album called It’s Not So Bad.


Guess what? It’s Not So Bad is not so bad (I swear, some of these posts write themselves). As Kyle is known to do, he dabbles in everything from pop to dance to R&B music in the album (I don’t think there is an inch of tough-ass rap music in this album). Kyle also does a good job of tackling love and everything in-between lyrically throughout the project. If you are a fan of feel-good music, you should definitely give this album a spin.


1. Cmon

2. Personal

3. Perfect

4. Unreplaceable (Ft. Craig David)

5. Sunday

6. Love’s theme song

7. Thumb thru (Ft. Ivory Scott)

8. Shiesty

9. Optimistic (Ft. Dougie F)

10. Eternity (Ft. BEAM)

11. Sleepyhead


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