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Coi Leray

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Somebody with tons of money shouldn’t have anxiety (I’m kidding, guys).

Coi Leray is a really good artist. Too many people online expect her to drop the greatest rap verses of all time; she’s just not that kind of artist. What I DO think that Coi is capable of doing is making music that is catchy and hella infectious. Today, the New Jersey native decided to release “Anxiety,” a fun banger that should feel relatable to anyone with vital organs.


I really like “Anxiety.” It is a well-written song that has the right amount of vulnerability, urgency, catchiness, and pizazz attached to it. I also think that the beat that Coi does her work over has a great bop to it. All in all, “Anxiety” is as close to perfect as it gets.

Give “Anxiety” a shot below. Trust me, it’s a really good song.

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